Women at work: 1991–2013

Women at work: 1991–2013
20 Oct 2015

Women at work: 1991–2013 uses census data from the 20 years to 2013 to look at trends in occupational segregation between women and men. The report is intended to be useful to readers, researchers and policy-makers who have an interest in gender pay gap and labour market issues.

This report was developed in consultation with the Ministry for Women, and identified as a priority because of the gender equity issues associated with imbalances in the occupational distribution of men and women – imbalances that show some persistence despite changes in women’s aspirations, educational attainment, and labour force participation.

This report looks at the most common, and the most segregated, occupations for women and men, and takes a closer look at women in management, the professions, and the skilled trades. It also looks at trends in common fields of study, and at the role occupation has in income levels.

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