About The Hub

The Hub contains social science research which has been undertaken, commissioned or at least partly funded by central government in New Zealand. When we refer to 'social science research' we have defined it as the study of human action and interaction which has been done in a systematic way, and may include qualitative and quantitative research.

To be considered 'government' social science research it must be undertaken, commissioned or at least partly funded by:

  • Public service departments, such as the Ministry of Education

  • NZ Police

  • Crown entities, such as a district health board

  • Autonomous crown entities, such as the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu)

  • Independent crown entities, such as the Children’s Commissioner.

It’s used to help policy makers and funders know what works. It may also be done to:

  • help inform the design of new policies

  • clarify or quantify a policy problem

  • evaluate a policy or how it is being delivered.

Information that we haven't included on the Hub

  • Research by local government, such as councils

  • Statistics without any analysis

  • Public consultations

  • Unpublished documents

  • Confidential information or reports where individuals can be identified.