This website is called The Hub because it is a sharing platform – people and organisations may contribute material to it that may then be re-shared and re-used.

You may reproduce material found on The Hub free of charge without further permission as long as you:

  • reproduce the material accurately
  • do not use the material in a derogatory manner or a misleading context, and
  • acknowledge the source and copyright status of the material.

Please note that this licence does not apply to any logos, emblems and trade marks on the website or to the website's design elements. Those specific items may not be re-used without express permission.

If you contribute to the site, we do not claim to own your copyright material. In contributing material to The Hub, you grant other users of The Hub, including its host organisation SWA, a non-exclusive, royalty-free and irrevocable licence to:

  • publish such material in any media and in any format, including:
    • on this or any other website
    • in hard copy publications
    • in email notifications or alerts
    • in web feeds, and
  • sub-license such material for re-use by others on the same terms as the licence you’ve granted SWA.

If material you contribute to the site includes copyright or other intellectual property which is owned by a third party, in contributing it, you warrant that you have the right to use that material, to grant the licence referred to in, and on the terms of, the clause above, and that you indemnify users and the host.  If these conditions are met by a creative commons licence, in contributing the material, you warrant that a creative commons licence applies.  You must also acknowledge the source and copyright status of the material.  In contributing material that is owned by a third party, you also warrant that you are reproducing it accurately, and are not using it in a way that is misleading or derogatory.  If any copyright breach occurs as a result of such material being shared to The Hub, you accept that you are responsible and liable for that breach.