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The Auckland Supercity and Future Health Equity: R…
09 Aug 2011

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The Auckland Supercity and Future Health Equity Report on the Symposium held at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland, 12 July 2011:

The recent changes to Auckland’s governance to integrate local and regional authorities into a single Auckland Council, combined with new provisions to produce an Auckland Spatial Plan, marks an unparalleled opportunity to commit to a shared agenda to improve the wellbeing of all Aucklanders. This is a unique chance to ensure that fairness and wellbeing underpins the way Auckland develops over the next 30 years. Improvements to wellbeing or equity will not occur by accident nor good intentions alone. Specific strategies are needed now, drawing upon multiple sources of evidence and shared knowledge if the Auckland Plan is to improve wellbeing for all.

A full-day symposium "The Auckland Supercity and Future Health Equity" was convened to discuss these issues and to consider how health equity could feature in the Auckland Plan. The symposium was jointly hosted by the New Zealand Medical Association, the National Heart Foundation and The University of Auckland School of Population Health. It was held on 12 July 2011, at the School of Population Health, Tamaki Innovation Campus, University of Auckland. The event was booked out well in advance and was attended by a wide range of academics, advocates and professionals from the health sector and included some people with a strong interest in improving health from business, non-governmental organisations and local government.

This report provides an overview of the presentations (with links) , discussion, and summation.

Key Results

The key "take home" message for everyone is, "We have the knowledge and means to create a fair society & healthy lives in Auckland. We need the will, the courage."

In order for the Auckland Plan to make a difference in improving health equity:

  • The 30 year plan for Auckland needs to be enduring and independent of political flavour.
  • We need to decide who we are, how we want to live, what our values are, and how we want our environment to be.
  • We need to positively change the environmental conditions in which people live in order to change the gaps and gradients in equity. We need to utilise measures of equity to see if this is happening.
  • There needs to be true partnerships with Mana Whenua which can benefit all – for example, as indigenous values and knowledge inform sustainable urban development.
  • Economic prosperity should serve people and the natural environment, rather than the other way around.
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