From listening to learning

From listening to learning
01 Dec 2018


This document explains the steps we took to analyse and summarise what we heard from all hui participants and survey respondents. In this document we also explain the principles we used to guide our analysis method, so that we could present the engagement findings in a way that is ‘true to the voices’ of the many people who contributed. 


Our method to genuinely listen and learn from what we heard throughout the engagement process required a consistent, honest and authentic approach. 

Key Results

We took each learning from our sense-making analysis and used this to construct the final engagement findings across both investing for social wellbeing and the data protection and use. Through our six step analysis process to review, consider and sum up the feedback we gathered through hui and both online surveys, we identified five key themes relevant to both topics.

These are:

  • Establish a different kind of relationship across the sector
  • Enable locally-led solutions to deliver services that work
  • Develop funding and contracting models that promote innovative practice
  • Build the skills, experience and capacity of the workforce to implement a wellbeing approach
  • Ensure sharing data, information and insights is a two-way street.
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