The Windmill Programme: Thinking outside the square

The Windmill Programme: Thinking outside the squar...
01 Nov 2010

Social Work Now, Issue 46, page 36-40.

Research has shown that children with disabilities struggle to find a place in mainstream social and recreational programmes (Families Commission, 2007). They may, for example, feel inhibited (Shannon & Young, 2004).

The Windmill Programme is a specialised care programme that provides educational and recreational after school and holiday programmes for children and adolescents aged 5 to 18 (participants) who are on the autistic spectrum or who have an intellectual or physical disability. It can be difficult for this group to access out-of-school care programmes. This can be a cause of stress, not only for the parents but also for the child.

The Windmill Programme is a division of Dunedin Home Support Services (DHSS), a privately owned organisation that provides social and health care solutions to the local community. This article describes the establishment of the Windmill Programme and the nature of the programmes it provides.

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