Metro-Auckland Pacific Population Health Profile

Metro-Auckland Pacific Population Health Profile (...
28 Mar 2013
Metro-Auckland Pacific Population Health Profile (...
28 Mar 2013

This report presents information on Pacific health for the metro-Auckland Pacific population. Population health data is the most frequently used tool for decision making and developing priorities in the health system. Good information is essential for driving health system planning and system design.

Key Results

At a population level, Pacific peoples experience poorer health outcomes than the general New Zealand population. While there has been some improvements in Pacific health outcomes, in particular immunisation rates, progress overall has been slow. This is reflected in Pacific mortality rates which has improved the least of any ethnic group in New Zealand. The Pacific health profile highlights nine specific areas to concentrate efforts to improve Pacific health outcomes (in no particular order):

  • Tobacco smoking
  • Obesity and nutrition
  • Access to and use of primary care
  • Health literacy and self-management
  • Early childhood health and preventing infectious diseases
  • Chronic disease management
  • Mental health service access
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Working intersectorally on the determinants of health
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