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01 Apr 2014

This bibliography is a quick reference of abstracts on ways to improve women’s career paths within organisations. We have referenced 117 items, organised them into seven topic areas, and provided a brief summary of each item. Articles covering more than one topic have been included in each relevant area.

Building on the research used on Realising the opportunity,we have included other papers which contained significant data or analysis. We have also added in reports which contain concrete proposals for action or recommendations, and information on New Zealand.

We hope Inspiring Action will make it easier for human resources practitioners and managers, Chief Executive Officers and leadership teams, to identify practical steps to take to improve women’s career pathways in organisations


In September 2013 the Ministry of Women’s Affairs released the report Realising the opportunity: addressing New Zealand’s leadership pipeline by attracting and retaining talented women. This report drew on a substantial body of international research and evidence to articulate the issues around women’s participation in leadership in companies and organisations.

We had a great response to the report, which is strongly evidence based. To make this evidence widely available to support leaders wishing to take action, we developed this resource. Our aim is to make it easy for people keen to identify resources that might help to address barriers in organisations to women’s career development.

Building on the research used in Realising the opportunity, we have expanded out to include other key papers which contained data or analysis, and had some rigour in their development. We have also added in reports which contain concrete proposals for action or recommendations. Lastly, we have made a special effort to include information about New Zealand.

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