Health Camp Schools

Health Camp Schools
01 Sep 2008

This report is based on the findings of ERO’s most recent education reviews of the six health camp schools in New Zealand. The findings are intended to contribute to the Ministry of Education’s examination of the support given to students enrolled in health camp schools, and the role in the wider network of provision that these schools have in engaging students with special behavioural needs. This report also refers to ERO’s June 1999 report, Health Camp Schools: Issues Report, as many of the matters discussed remain the same.

Health camp schools have between eight and ten student intakes a year with each group of students spending between four and a half to six weeks duration in the health camp. Such a short duration raises questions about maximum effect when teachers have to settle each student group, assess their needs, develop and implement programmes of work and evaluate effectiveness within this time. In addition, teachers are required to report progress and help students in the transition back to their home school and family environment.

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