BES Exemplar 3 "Teacher and Student Use of Learning Goals"

BES Exemplar 3 "Teacher and Student Use of Learnin...
01 Jan 1970

The BES exemplars are a series of publications that make transparent the nature of:

  • highly effective teaching
  • professional learning and development
  • educational leadership
  • educationally powerful connections with families whānau, and
  • communities that support such teaching.

They were created in response to requests from new Zealand teachers and principals for real-life examples. Wherever possible, the exemplars are derived, from research and development carried out in New Zealand schools and kura

BES Exemplar 3, ‘Teacher and student use of learning goals’, explains how student progress can be accelerated when teachers are supported to attend to learning goals. The exemplar illustrates the connection between the effective use of goals and effective feedback for students.

The context for this exemplar is primary school writing, but secondary teachers who have assisted with its development have also found it useful. Both primary and secondary teachers have commented that it could be used to help strengthen teaching across the curriculum.

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