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Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu)

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We are the Families Commission and operate as Superu (the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit), an autonomous Crown entity governed by the Crown Entities Act 2004. We provide an independent perspective with regard to Government policy.

We were established by the Families Commission Act 2003 (amended 2013) to act as an advocate for the interests of families generally, and now also have responsibility to monitor and evaluate programmes and interventions in the social sector and to provide social science research into key issues.

Paid Parent Leave - In Focus

Paid parental leave is part of a package of government policies that support parents and families. This paper discusses both the labour market dynamics associated with...

For whom the bells tolls

This report offers a high level sweep of knowledge about a relatively narrow range of past social sector research initiatives, to identify any generic factors contributing...

Teen Births in New Zealand

Policymakers in New Zealand have been concerned by the teenage birth rate for many years. Cross-country comparisons indicate that New Zealand has a higher rate of...