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Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa New Zealand (CHRANZ)

The CHRANZ mission is to: "Invest in rigorous, independent and relevant housing research to support policies and practices that meet New Zealand's changing and diverse housing needs through sustainable, affordable, good quality and responsive housing opportunities".

CHRANZ was established by Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) and launched in August 2003. HNZC has provided initial research funding aimed to ‘kick start' the housing research sector, with an expectation that CHRANZ will become increasingly independent by attracting research funding support from other stakeholders.

CHRANZ’s core business includes setting housing research priorities for the total housing market and investing in independent research. CHRANZ’s medium term goal is to deliver and promote policy relevant research on housing, and see it implemented at the policy and operational level.

The CHRANZ Board’s housing research priorities are: (i) The New Zealand Housing System (ii) Linking Housing and Social, Cultural, Economic and Environmental Outcomes.

CHRANZ makes its housing research investments with regard to these priorities and a research priority framework that is structured around six key components of the housing sector. These include access issues, housing demand and need for vulnerable populations, changing attitudes to tenure, housing investment, alternative providers, and the performance of housing in urban and rural environments.

The CHRANZ approach to housing research takes in a holistic view embodied in its Maori name Kainga Tipu. In this regard the word "housing" embodies wider living environments over and above individual dwellings.

*CHRANZ is no longer active.

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