Taking the Pulse on Gambling and Problem Gambling in New Zealand: A Report on Phase One of the 1999 National Prevalence Survey

Taking the Pulse on Gambling and Problem Gambling …
01 Jun 2000

This report outlines and discusses the findings of a major component of a programme of research, the New Zealand Gaming Survey (NZGS), commissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs. In broad terms, the purpose of the overall research programme is to investigate the impact that this recent increase in gambling involvement has had on the lives of New Zealanders and advance scientific understanding of gambling and problem gambling. Other objectives are to:

  • Provide information that will assist in the development of gaming and related health and social policy
  • Contribute to robust frameworks for future studies of the prevalence and wider economic and social impacts of gambling and problem gambling
  • Provide a solid baseline to enable assessments of future changes in the prevalence of problem gambling and gambling participation to be made. 
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