Quality Teaching: How an Evidence-Based Approach Can Help

Quality Teaching: How an Evidence-Based Approach C...
01 Jan 1970

This is a keynote address to the Australian Curriculum Studies Association Forum "Quality teachers: Quality teaching - Creating a new agenda for action by practitioners, researchers and policy makers". It takes place in the context of creating a shared, new agenda for action in education. It begins with a 'flying tour' of New Zealand schools; using case examples to explore what good practice can mean, and how research in education can create important lessons for teachers. It then explores the other studies in the "Quality Teaching for Diverse Students" BES. The conclusions from these varied studies are;

  • The importance of building a 'shared resource' of research;
  • Bringing this  work together in a useful way;
  • The richness of the 'R&D Resource';
  • How evidence should be presented to teachers;
  • The potential for BES to work to improve Māori and Pasifika outcomes;
  • The overarching principle of evidence-based teacher practice
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