Ngā Takahanga Waewae o Ngā Kaipakihi Māori: The Footsteps of Māori Entrepreneurs

Ngā Takahanga Waewae o Ngā Kaipakihi Māori: The Fo...
01 Jun 2014

Māori entrepreneurship and Māori in business are growing fields of inquiry particularly since the financial recessions of the 1980s. The importance to the New Zealand economy of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs who create them is gaining momentum. The findings of this document indicates that Māori entrepreneurs differ from what is described as the ‘ideal’ entrepreneur.


The purpose of the research project (‘Tracking the journeys of Māori self-employed and Māori entrepreneurs in small and medium businesses’) was to examine the concepts ‘Māori business’ and ‘Māori entrepreneurship’ and to understand and describe factors, particularly culturally relevant factors, underlying participating Māori businesses. This research provides qualitative data that complements the Māori Business Facilitation Service’s recent client survey.

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